Procedures for Creative Clubhouse Enrichment Programs *Updated September 2017

Classroom Management and Expectations

We strive to create a safe, inclusive, and engaging environment for our classroom community.

All children come to our program with individual needs and developmental capabilities. Our classroom management style reflects this diversity by embracing each child for who they are. Situations that arise in the classroom are managed to meet the needs of each child involved.

Our classroom expectations are developed with the children each year. For this reason they can change based on the needs of the group.

Classroom Communication

We use the Bloomz classroom communication app. This app (desktop version available as well) to communicate with families. This communication tool keeps families up to date with classroom happenings, pictures, events and so much more. It is a free service.

You will receive a monthly newsletter that delves deeper into an aspect of our curriculum. For example: a look at morning play, circle time, or classroom management. This will be posted to the website via our blog, The Play Base.

We encourage you to keep in touch with the classroom teacher. Email is best to reach Lauren to: discuss your child, check in, or ask questions. If you need to reach Lauren before the school day is over, (for example if you are running late or if someone else is picking up your child) please text her.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

We have two scheduled 20 minute conferences during the year. They will occur in November and April. During this time we will discuss goals and plans for your child. See Conference for more information.

What to wear to the Clubhouse?

Children should wear comfortable clothes that allow for freedom to explore and get messy. Sneakers (or similar type shoes) are best for running around and playing. Your child should be prepared everyday for fun and exploration. We are outdoors as much as possible.

Extra clothes: On the first day of school, please send an extra set of clothes in a ziploc bag with your child’s name on it. We never know when these will come in handy.

For outside play: always assume we will be going outside. Layers are best. Rain coats on rainy days. Hats and gloves for the winter (plan on a set of hats and gloves to remain at school through the winter). Snow pants and boots for snowy days.

Snacks and Lunch

We provide a daily dry snack (crackers, pretzels, etc) for all children. Please let Lauren and Amy know if your child has any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Please pack your child a healthy lunch everyday. We do not have facilities for refrigerating lunches or microwaving foods.

* Please be aware that we may need to restrict certain foods based on allergies.


Our school year runs from Mid-September through the beginning of June.  We have Thanksgiving, Winter and Spring breaks. We will provide you with a classroom calendar via the Bloomz classroom app.

Snow Days Policy

We typically follow the Haverford Township School District for our snow day procedures and closures. If the district is closed, we are closed. 

If the school district is on a 2-hour delay, then the AM program will be closed. If the district has a 2-hour delay, the PM program will still have class, at our discretion. An alert will be sent on the Bloomz classroom app in the morning to all families notifying them of any closures. Days missed will not be made up.


Our focus is on the four seasons, rather than holidays. For this reason we will not be celebrating or spending any classroom time on holidays. (This includes but not limited to Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines Day, St Patricks Day and Easter)

Birthday Celebrations

We are happy to celebrate your child’s birthday at school. We will make a birthday treat with your child in class. We can discuss possible ideas as your child’s birthday approaches. Families will provide all necessary ingredients for the children to create a birthday snack with their teachers and classmates. 

Please provide one week’s notice before their birthday so we can make arrangements. In the past we have made: fruit kebobs, yogurt parfaits, cupcakes, and brownies.


We have a carline procedure for drop off and pick up. The carline is an essential transition tool for all of us. We want to establish an efficient routine as soon as we can. Please review this information to keep our line moving quickly and to keep all children safe.

  •   It is helpful to place your child on the drivers side of the car
  •   Drivers should remain in their cars for drop off and pick up
  •   Pull up to the second tree past our driveway if you are the first in line-so several
  • cars will fit before the alleyway
  •  Please be mindful not to block the alley way
  •  A teacher will be outside at 9:00am to begin drop off and at 12:15pm to begin pick up. We will direct you when to move up in line to allow for more cars to fit on the street. Do not allow your child out of the car prior to our driveway or before a teacher greets your child at the car.
  • If you arrive and our door is closed, please park and walk your child to the door.
  • If your child is unable to buckle themselves up, please pull further up the road to
  • assist them.


Please email or text Lauren if your child will be out from class. This helps in our planning and preparations for the day.


If your child experiences a fever (100.4 or above), vomiting, diarrhea, severe runny nose, or rash within 24 hours of their school day, please keep them home until they are symptom free for 24 hours. Please use your best judgement for when your child should stay home.


Tuition is figured on a yearly basis for families. Fees are based on a full school year, paid in 10 equal monthly installments, and they do not reflect the number of days attended in a given month. There will be no refunds for illness or vacation.

Family Discount: Families with a second child receive a discount of 5% applied monthly

Payments and Fee

  • Application Fee: This is a non-refundable $50 fee (per family) due with the application form.

  • Activities Fee: This $150 fee secures your child’s spot in the classroom and is used for all on and off- site additional experiences throughout the year.

  • Tuition Payment Schedules: The first tuition payment is due September 1st. Tuition may be paid in one of three ways: [1] one yearly payment, [2] two half-yearly payments, or [3] ten (10) equal installments. Payments may be paid online manually through Square on a monthly basis or by check, made payable to Clubhouse Creative, LLC.  All first payments are due September 1st and in monthly installments thereafter until June 1st. For those paying in two half-yearly payments, the second payment is due Jan. 1st.

    A service fee of 2%/swipe is applied to all credit card payments
  • Late Payments: During the school year, a $25 late fee is charged for payments received after the 10th of the month.

  • Insufficient Funds: A $35 assessment fee is charged for returned checks or insufficient funds.

  • Unpaid Accounts: We use a collection agency for unpaid accounts. Parents are liable for reasonable attorney fees and collection costs.

Withdraw Policy

  • Parents must give the Creative Clubhouse 30 days’ written notice if they plan to withdraw their child from school. School fees are payable for 30 days following notification of withdrawal.

  • If you choose to withdraw your child from school after February 1st, you will owe the remainder of your tuition payments through June. We are unable to fill our open slots after February 1st.