We believe that parent/teacher conferences are  an incredibly important part of your child's preschool experience. We feel that conferences are a wonderful way to get to know each parent and to begin building a relationship.

We feel that a strong parent/teacher relationship, built upon a foundation of respect and comfort, helps us better support your child and family. 

When you meet with us, you are going to learn a lot about your little one, from their strengths and weaknesses to their favorite things to play with and how he/she really interacts with other kids. You will have a true sense about how your child is when he/she is on their own. We view our role as the eyes and ears into a world that you aren't always otherwise a part of. 

We have scheduled conferences twice a year. Once in the Fall where we will discuss how your child is settling into a new situation, offering observations and setting goals for your child's growth throughout the year.  The second conference is in the Spring, where we note how your child is growing and what we are doing to prepare them for what is next.