Creative Clubhouse

 A place for children to ...

explore, create and learn

through Play. 

Interested for the 2020-2021 School Year? We welcome you to come join us for an open houses: October 20th @ 10 AM (children welcome) October 25th @ 9:30 AM (parents only) November 10th @ 10 AM (children welcome) November 22th @ 9:30 AM (parents only)


The Play Base. 

Your go-to for how play becomes learning. We know play is important, do you?

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From an early age, children are learning how to be independent. We at the Clubhouse encourage and promote self-determination and independence in your child.

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Our multi age learning environment encourages socialization between peers as well as adults in our community. Our process supports children as they learn to process of communicating their wants, needs and ideas to others.

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Academic Readiness

While our play based program is designed to develop children’s social and emotional skills we also encourage and promote related learning skills that prepare children for formal schooling.

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We feel that nature and our environment are essential to learning. Allowing children to spend time, investigating, exploring and experiencing the outside world is fundamental to their growth and development.

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The Creative Clubhouse Community.

We at the Clubhouse embrace the idea of it taking a village to raise children. We enjoy organizing and offering activities where our families can spend time together, encouraging and supporting one another. 

We offer many opportunities for our enrolled families, while also inviting the general public to join in our fun.

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