Children are naturally curious and take in new information at an astonishing rate.  We encourage exploration and experimentation with raw materials as well as selecting toys, activities and materials based around the children’s interests and abilities.  All children have unique learning styles and needs, we honor all levels of development and play in our classroom. We value this time in their life to jump in puddles, dig in the dirt, and build a block tower.

Each day includes as much uninterrupted play time as possible. This valuable time allows us to honor the children's ability to explore, create, and invest in their environment.  Free play may sound like a vague time of our day, but in fact it is a very much planned time. Our carefully constructed classroom environment is arranged  to promote choices for the children. We act as facilitators to their play, paying close attention to the children, interacting with them, offering guidance and help where needed, noting progress and struggles, and observing actions.
We choose materials to encourage and support different skill sets. By providing the children with raw materials and open ended play we allow for greater flexibility in learning. 

Through play the children acquire social, emotional and academic skills.


A child's work is play...