Academic Readiness

We approach academic readiness by fostering a child’s love for learning. Our instructional methods inspire children to engage with the world around them through the process of play.  We focus on the skills necessary for building a strong foundation for learning by preparing children for all aspects of their world.  Your child will be encouraged to be an active participant in their learning process.  We believe that children want to learn, and that it's motivating when classmates and the teacher are excited about learning, too. We strive to make learning meaningful for the children we teach.  Our classroom is constructed so children are challenged to formulate questions, predict outcomes, experiment and investigate to gain new information.  These are basic skills all individuals need to be successful in future academics.

Oral Language & Literacy

Our print rich environment is ideal for little learners to access language in an age appropriate way.  We label our materials and provide picture schedules to promote early literacy development. We provide a classroom with a variety of materials designed to challenge your child to improve their listening skills, spoken language, and vocabulary.  We engage children in conversation, ask leading questions, and provide open ended questions to foster language development.  Our dramatic play area fosters peer to peer language to further develop age appropriate speaking and listening skills.  And our classroom library is carefully selected to provide children with a range of material based on interests and levels of learning.