Preschool Precursor

Designed specifically for our youngest community members, this two day program is the perfect precursor for preschool.  Stepping out into the world without a parent will be an easy transition with our nurturing and balanced program.  Our 2 day program will provide socialization opportunities and exposure to the bigger world while keeping with our play based, progressive philosophies.  

Our program will foster your child’s natural curiosity with developmentally appropriate activities with a focus on the process.  Getting messy, exploring, and creating an inviting environment to encourage independence. 

The daily routine will consist of free play, stories and movement activities, snack, and circle.

Children must be potty trained (we are happy to discuss this with families if you have any questions). Our 2 day is for children who are turning 3 in the Fall-Winter 2019/2020.



Our multi-aged learning experience is offered 3 or 5 days

Program options: *lunchtime is included in all 3-6yr programs.

3 Day Program (AM or PM)

Tuesday-Thursday 9-12:15, 11:45-3

3 Full Day Program

Tuesday-Thursday 9-3pm 

5 mornings (1/2day) Program

Monday to Friday 9-12:15 

5 day Program: 3 full days, 2 half days

3 full days-Tuesday-Thursday 9-3pm

2 half days- Monday and Friday 9-12:15

5 Full Day Program

Monday -Friday 9-3pm

PM Kindergarten Enrichment

Our Kindergarten Enrichment Program Approach

Based on a progressive school model, all of our lessons will be inspired by the interests and ideas of your children. Our activities are designed to meet all of the learning styles and developmental levels of the group. Most importantly, when the children get excited about an idea, we encourage them to look more closely and learn through their experiences with it.

Our Year: We plan our school year by engaging the children in the learning process.  Themes introduced by the children’s interests, will then be brainstormed as a group to develop activities and projects. Past learning experiences included such themes as: architecture, gardening, an art study, and carpentry.  Each year is different.

Social Skills and Community: The importance of social skills and community play a vital role in our program. We have purposely limited the amount of students in the group so that our classroom setting would encourage a supportive, nurturing, and close community.  Their social and emotional well-being are essential for future academic success.  We facilitate play between the children to help them learn how to be a caring friend, to develop empathy towards others, and to take social risks.

A Love for Nature: We feel that nature and our environment are essential to learning.  We always plan to be outside, rain or shine.  Our classroom organic garden is planned, tended to, and harvested by the children.  

Mixed Age Learning: The entire classroom is structured for multi- level learning and experiences. From our physical layout of the space, the materials we choose, to the activities we offer. Children access information on different levels and the design of our classroom is intended to support this. Our older children gain experience being positive role models for our younger children, as well as providing peer modeling for learning and understanding.

Choose between our:

3 Day (Tues-Thurs) PM Program 11:45-3:00

5 Day (Mon-Fri) PM Program 11:45-3:00

We offer a structured daily schedule, but allow for flexibility for spontaneous learning. 

Our typical daily schedule will include:

Free Play

Clean Up



Outside Play


More information about events open to the general public is available on our community page